Camera Servicing

If you have a problem with your camera, big or small we will try to help!


We can offer on site or off site camera servicing depending on the issue. Bring your camera in store and we'll see if we can help. If it's only a small problem and easily fixed, we'll solve it for free!


Our camera repair orders are outsourced to a reliable and specialist repairs company.


After viewing your equipment and assessing the damage to your camera/lens, we can phone our repairs company and provide you with an instant free quote. On rare occasions if the issue is complex we may need to send the camera off for an estimate which costs £25.  


The turnaround time on any repair order is up to two weeks.



Sensor cleaning prices range between £25-£50

and vary in price depending on the severity of the issue. If you bring your camera in store we can assess the problem and give you a free quote/turnaround time for this service.

If you're not sure what the issue is... contact us!